FUNDRAISING TARGET R10,000. As of 29 January, Botfriends members have donated R4,500 to the cause! Thank you! Not much further to go.

Botfriends has been made a very generous offer of R10,000 by a Fisherhaven resident who is concerned about the rapid spread of alien vegetation and the resultant degradation of the indigenous fynbos in our area. Our donor is of the opinion that it will take community involvement to successfully contain and eradicate these plants. A condition of this offer is therefore that the community match his offer Rand for Rand. In other words, we need to raise a further R10,000 from our community to qualify for the donors offer; this will give us R 20,000 for the project. 
With the heavy rains experienced last year and the high summer temperatures, the spread of alien vegetation is rampant. Besides the removal of aliens, our intention is also to plant more indigenous shrubs and trees in public open spaces in Fisherhaven (Riverside Drive, Broadway, Protea Drive), and build on the efforts already made by the Fisherhaven Ratepayers Association (FRA) and Botfriends.

We appeal to all members to seriously consider this offer and to make a contribution of whatever amount you can afford, no matter how small. With R20,000 we can make a big difference, so let’s do it!

Our bank details are as follows:
Friends of the Bot River Estuary and Environs
Standard Bank Hermanus
Branch code 050312, account 1855 655 49.

Please state your name and use the word
"hacking" as a reference. If you are unable to make an electronic fund transfer, please contact us and we will arrange collection of your donation.